Wines inspired by Chile, it’s land and it’s people

Regardless of the variety you choose, you will experience a special corner of the earth

Chile is one of the 50 countries with the lowest population density in the world. Its privileged nature invites you to travel from the most arid desert on the planet to the Patagonian jungle, the Andes Mountain Range and the high plateau to the Pacific Ocean. And if from the earth you dare to look at the stars, Chile offers the most transparent skies and the brightest stars.

This is our proposal, invite you to travel with a glass of wine to a variety of conversations, to share with the purity of friendships and to look at the sky, that when you make them with a glass of Antares we want you to fly higher with your dreams .

Uncorking new experiences leave a small sip of a great dream in our mouths and minds.

World border

Chile takes its name from the Aymara word “Chilli” which means “the farthest place in the world”. The color palette of our land draws volcanoes, cliffs, deserts, glaciers, mountains and waterfalls that present in a unique confrontation with the elements: the wind, the light, the transparent sky, the immense spaces

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